Think about it my friends,

Films have the ability to move you in ways you never imagined. They can make you cry. They make you laugh. They tug at the very core of your emotions to the point where it sometimes hurts. A film can pull you away from reality and suck you right in as if nothing else even matters. You can leave a movie with a feeling of despair or emptiness and reversely with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. They shock you, they horrify you, they fill you with warmth and leave you satisfied beyond belief.

A film or tv show can change your life. Honest. It has for millions of people the world over. Don’t you dare tell them otherwise.

Go ask your Twilight fans.

Or your Harry Potter geeks.

Or the millions of viewers who stuck with LOST! through all 6 seasons until its emotional punch of a finale.

Star Wars, anybody?

The list goes on. As long as our creative minds continue to write, direct, act et all. We will have entertainment.

I mean the world is pretty exciting as it is, that’s for sure. But you have got to admit that it would be pretty drab without film or tv. Sometimes you really do need to tune in so you can tune out.

And it wouldn’t be called escapist entertainment, if you didn’t have anywhere to escape to.

I love movies. I love a good television show. I’m always exploring for something new and different. Summer blockbusters to independent films. Foreign movies to television shows of past and present. There is just so much ENTERTAINMENT out there.

I like to share and this is my opportunity to do so. With this blog, I will post regular updates of tv and film for your viewing pleasure.  I will review current films  and tv shows as well as classics from the past.  I’ll present topics of discussion and themes to keep things fresh and interesting.

I hope you enjoy.



PS: Maybe the above is all just hype. Maybe. But it sure as hell got your attention if you are still reading.