PG-13  Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Paul Dano,  Peter Sarsgaard.

First of all, I have to say that I have been a huge fan of Tom Cruise since his first performance in TAPS. Yes, he has done some great action films (notably the Mission: Impossible franchise) but for me, where he really shines is when he takes on a more meatier role. Magnolia, Rain Man and Jerry Maguire are films where he just got to act his pants off and I think we need to see more of that again.

So with that said, there is nothing wrong with Knight and Day, but in my opinion it is also nothing that we have not seen before.

Tom Cruise plays a special agent who has gone rogue and who may also have a few screws loose. He “accidentally” bumps into Cameron Diaz at the airport, who plays a ditzy hot blonde on the way to her sisters wedding.

While on the plane they both engage in flirtatious banter and then before you know it Cruise is shooting up everyone on board while Diaz is fixing herself up in the bathroom. From here the movie pretty much continues a fast pace with Cruise and Diaz on the run from agents and arms dealers who are trying to get ahold of a nuclear device that Cruise has in safe keeping.

Paul Dano has a small supporting role which he does well as the young scientist (who developed the nuclear device) being protected by Cruise. Peter Sarsgaard plays a secret agent that used to be Cruise’s partner and is now trying to bring him in.

The film has a number of spectacular action sequences, the highlight being a motorcycle chase through the streets of Spain also involving a herd of Bulls. The film is also nicely shot with interesting camera angles from James Mangold (who directed Walk The Line) that caught my attention.

The chemistry between Cruise and Diaz is a winning factor and there is plenty of amusing dialogue between them.

As I said, the film is entertaining enough and a nice date movie. But I doubt it will stay with you for long.  I personally am longing for the film where Tom Cruise will finally win the Oscar that he has deserved for a long time.  2 /5 stars