G. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Michael Keaton, Joan Cusack.

Disney and Pixar have a winning formula on animated films which all started with Toy Story. Since then, they have released Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Wall-E and UP all of which were huge hits with adult and younger audiences alike.

Toy Story 3 is no exception. Many critics have hailed this film as even better than the original and I think I agree.

Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen) have outgrown the boy who cherished them as his favorite toys as a child. He is now grown up and heading off to college. While clearing out his belongings from his room, the toys are accidentally thrown out to the garbage.

Adventure ensues and the toys all end up at a day care center where they meet a pink teddy bear and a group of other toys. The toys realize that the boy has no use for them anymore and see a new life at the day care center with the children there. Woody refuses to leave his owner and heads back home but the rest of the toys (including Buzz) stay at the care center.

However, soon the toys at the day care center realize they are just being used by the pink teddy bear as punching bags for the much younger kids at the day care to play with, so the teddy bear and his group of toys will be left alone.

Woody returns to rescue Buzz and the rest of the gang and get them back to their owner before he leaves to College.

The film is full of spectacular action sequences.  A scene stealer is Ken (of Ken and Barbie fame) who is voiced by Michael Keaton and played with cocky charm. A cat walk number that he does to impress Barbie, is of particular delight.

Towards the end, the film turns into a much more darker tone that I can imagine much younger children would find quite scary.  There is a scene that does a riveting job of touching on the “humanity” of Woody, Buzz and the other toys, even though they are in fact not human.  The film ends with a soaring finale that is an emotional punch to the chest and leaves you feeling wholly satisfied.

I don’t know if they will do a Toy Story 4, but if they don’t then they could not have had a more fitting finale to one of the best animated film franchises ever produced.  5/5 stars.