PG-13, Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning.

When the first Twilight movie came out, I had no idea what to expect. I had not read any of the books and did not know there was already a rabid following of 20 millions fans (majority female).

That said, I walked out of the cinema pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the movie and I ended up watching it another 3 times. I bought all the books and read them before the next movie, New Moon came out.

Twilight is infectious. It pulls you into a whole new world and involves you with characters you start to really care about. Some people may say its lame, but I understand all the commotion over “team Edward” and “team Jacob”.  The author, Stephanie Meyer is to thank for creating a world where Vampires and Werewolves really do exist.  In the footsteps of Star Trek and Harry Potter, we have another truly global phenomenon.

Eclipse starts off where New Moon ended. Bella (Kristin Stewart) is reunited with Edward (Robert Pattinson) much to Jacob’s (Taylor Lautner) disdain. Edward is trying to convince Bella to marry him and in turn she wants him to turn her into a vampire.

Meanwhile, Victoria is still out for revenge and has been building an army of new born vampires in Seattle, which she intends to bring to Forks to destroy Bella and the Cullens. When Jacob finds out that Bella is in danger, he agrees to protect her. The werewolves and Vampires unite to engage in a climatic battle against the new born army and Victoria.

The soundtrack to the film is a highlight as it has been for both previous films and the action sequences are shot with awesome camera angles and slow motion effects to build the suspense. There is also a cool sequence where Jaspar is training the Cullens on how to kill the new borns.

You get a bit of history behind Jaspar and Rosalie in this movie, which had not been explained before. There is also more history behind the wolf tribe of which real Twi-hards will appreciate.

The only thing that I found annoying (as I did in the book too) was the back and forth love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob. Bella who is meant to be the heroine of the series, becomes more and more obnoxious in this one and unfortunately Kristin Stewart plays it just a little bit too well in the film.

Dakota Fanning is deliciously evil in her small role as Jane a member of the Volturi and I wished that there had been more written into her character.

We are now ready for the adaption of the last book Breaking Dawn which is being released in two parts.

If you’re one of those people who is just not “into” Twilight, I would recommend that you give it a shot. Its pure escapist entertainment and the whole reason that movies exist in the first place.  Why miss out on all the fun? Especially since your lady is likely to be a fanatic anyways. 4/5 stars.