This list was pretty easy for me to put together, but feel free to kick me if I left out some major classic. This is top pick for Mobster and Mafia films:

1. The Godfather.

2. Goodfellas.

3. Scarface.

4. Road to Perdition.

5. Heat.

6. Boyz N Hood.

7. Lock, Stock & two smoking barrells.

8. Snatch.

9. Reservoir Dogs.

10. Pulp Fiction.

11. Chinatown.

12. The Usual Suspects.

13. Carlito’s Way.

14. The Departed.

15. Donnie Brasco.

16. Once Upon a Time in America.

You will see that Al Pacino rules supreme in this genre, starring in 5 of these films. Robert De Niro comes in 2nd starring in 3.