TV-PG. Fox. Season 1, 22 episodes. Season 2 release date: September 21 2010.

Created by and written by Ryan Murphey. Cast: Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Jessalyn Gilsig, Jane Lynch, Jamya Mays, Kevin Mchale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison, Amber Riley, Mark Salling, Jenna Ushkowitz.

Glee is a musical comedy-drama that focuses on a high school show choir , (a modern day glee club) called “New Directions”, at the fictional Mckinley High School in Lima, Ohio.  The show just completed it’s first season, with season 2 starting off again on September 21st 2010.

Now this is one of those shows that honestly I would never have had much interest in watching. I like music, but a bunch of guys singing and prancing about is not necessarily how I entertain myself. That said, I kept reading rave reviews about this show and then saw it piling up on award nominations and finally going on to win the Golden Globe for Best New Television Series.

So this got me really curious, but I still held out. In the meantime, Glee’s popularity continued to escalate with its ratings  and viewership almost doubling.

Finally, I just had to see what all the hype was and honestly I am glad I did. I will not say that this show is the greatest thing on TV by any stretch of the imagination, but what I will say is it is pure feel good entertainment.

The story centers around Will Shuester (Matthew Morrison), a spanish teacher who takes over as the glee club coach with hopes to restore it back to it’s former glory. There are 12 main characters in the show, all of which have their own story lines. The stand outs are Rachel Berry (Lea Michele),  the snooty but talented star of the glee club, Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith), the star quarterback who risks alienation from his school mates to join the glee club and Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), who plays a gay male soprano with flare.  All the other characters do a fine job, but these are the ones who I felt the most invested in and who really got underneath their characters skin.

And then of course there is Sue Sylvester, (played by the hilarious Jane Lynch), who won a well deserved Golden Globe for her supporting role as the coach of the “Cheerio’s” cheerleading squad and arch-nemesis to the glee club. She plays her role with so much relish, it’s just fun to watch.

While the show has it’s comical moments, I will admit that this is a truly heart warming show, where you find yourself really rooting for the underdogs to succeed. The show is also good at surprising you; one moment there is a corny and predictable scene and you think you know where it is heading, but then it goes a completely different direction.

The other thing that makes this show a real hit is of course its musical numbers. It is no surprise that the creators spent months of research looking for the best performers at broadway to cast this show.  There is some incredible talent from all involved but again the stand outs for me were Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele.

So many covers are done such as Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What you Want”, Queens “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Van Halens “Jump” and even a whole episode dedicated to Madonna and Lady Gaga. The numbers are performed with flare and are very entertaining to watch.

Yes sometimes the acting is cheesy, but there are times when it is also very good and even intense. Besides, the show succeeds in the best way possible: it warms your heart and makes you want to sing and dance. Anyone who has a problem with that, is just a party pooper. 4/5 stars.