The more you think about it there really are so many classic scenes from movies! I kept jotting them down on sticky tabs and so here is Part 2 of my list…I know I’m still missing many others!

46. Big Fish: That final sequence where the son tells his father the tall tale about his escape from hospital before he dies and then the funeral was extremely moving.

47. Raiders of the Lost Ark: Indie defeats the deadly swordsman the good ole’ fashioned way! (Fun Fact: This scene was original written to be a long sword fight, but Harrison Ford just shot the guy as a joke and Steven Spielberg loved it so much, he kept it in the movies!)

48. Bad Boys: That super cool slow motion sequence at the end when they get the bad guy.

(no clip available) 😦

49. Grosse Point Blank:  I absolutely loved the baby scene. It depicted a life changing moment for John Cusack’s character that was so beautifully done.

50. Misery: That brutal scene where Kathy Bates hobbles James Caan’s legs. Chilling.

51. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: That intense scene where Vinnie Jones goes mental on the guy and smashes his head with the car door while the classical music swells in the background.

52. Bourne Ultimatum: That fantastic chase sequence on the roof building and Matt Damon tumbling through the window to save Julia Stiles just in time.

53. Say Anything: John Cusack standing outside Iona Sykes house with the duke box blasting Peter Gabriel’s “In your Eyes”.

54. Buffalo 66: Vincent Gallo and Christini Ricci taking pictures in the photo booth–he somehow made this into such a fascinating sequence.

(no clip available) 😦

55. Forrest Gump: Tom Hanks heartbreaking speech at his wife’s grave.

(no clip available) 😦

56. Oldboy: That incredible corridor fight sequence. So brutally realistic.

57. Braveheart: The final scene where Mel Gibson is executed and screams freedom as his last words. Very powerful.

58. Gladiator: The final scene as Russell Crowe gives out his orders before dying and then joins his wife and son in the afterlife. Very powerful.

59. The Abyss: The scene when Mary Elisabeth Monstrano has drowned and Ed Harris will not give up in resuscitating her.

60. Jay and Silent Bob Strikes back: Seriously though, that final sequence as Jay and Bob fly all over the country beating up the people that dissed them to the tune of Stroke 9’s “Kick Some Ass” is pure comic  genius!

61. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective: The whole scene in the Mental Institution where Jim Carrey does the slow motion football impression and rewind.

62. Philadelphia: The final scene with after Tom Hanks dies and all his family and friends are at the wake and then we close in on his old home video footage. Very moving.

63. Boy ZN Hood: The scene where Ricky gets killed was so tragic and brilliantly shot.

(no clip available) 😦

64. The Rock: The awesome shoot out scene in the showers where the Marines kill all the Navy Seals.

65. Untouchables: A very underrated classic, this movie has 2 scenes that stand out for me:

The shoot out sequence with Kevin Costner and Andy Garcia as the pram falls down the stairs in slow motion was awesome.

The scene where Sean Connery is killed was especially  gut wrenching as we see Robert De Niro’s Al Pacino with tears of joy as he gets the noise and listens to the soprano.

66. Saving Private Ryan: The incredible sequence depicting the storming of  Omaha Beach during World War II is probably the most graphic and realistic war scene ever shot in film.

67. Dumb and Dumber: That ridiculous ending with the hot girls in the bus! Jim Carrey: “You’ll have to excuse my friend, he’s a little slow…the town is back that way!” Hilarious!

68. Princess Bride: “My name is Anigo Montoya, you killed my father…prepare to die!”

69. ET: The bike across the moon scene.

70. There’s Something About Mary: The hair scene became an iconic image of comedy.

But I actually found the doped up/dead dog sequence with Matt Dillon the most hilarious.

71. Spider Man 2: The car flying into the cafe just as Tobey Maguire and Kristin Dunst are about to smooch.

(no clip available) 😦

72. The Dark Knight: I found almost every scene with Heath Ledger as the Joker mesmerizing.


73. Taxi Driver: The famous mirror scene: “You talking to me?”

And also the final bloody shoot out sequence where he “saves” the young prostitute (Jodie Foster) was electrifying.

74. The Deer Hunter: The rush and roulette sequence was so intense.

75. Clerks 2: The dance sequence to The Jackson Five’s “ABC” was awesome.

76. Face/Off: The final mexican stand off and shoot out at the Church was classic.

77. Cruel Intentions: The romantic love scene between Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe  to the Counting Crows song “Color Blind” .

79. Romeo & Juliet: There are several classic scenes from this brilliant adaption with Clare Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio:

The first encounter between Romeo and Juliet through the large exotic fish tank.

The wedding sequence was really cute.

80. Shakespeare in Love: The fight scene in the theatre.

81. Trainspotting: A brilliant film about drug addiction, this too has several classic scenes:

The opening chase  sequence to the “Choose life” monologue.

The drug overdose sequence to Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”.

the final sequence with the voiceover speech from Ewan Magregor again: “Choose Life..”

82. Office Space: The hilarious scene where the Printer gets a pummeling. Classic!

83. Twilight: The baseball sequence was awesome.

84. Lethal Weapon: Mel Gibson going nuts on the suicide case and jumping off the roof with him.

(no clip available) 😦

85. Where The Wild Things Are: The sequence where Max is elected kind and declares: “Let The Wild Rumpus begin!”

86. Silence of The Lambs: Hannibal’s brutal but brilliantly executed escape from high security prison.

87. The Outsider’s: Dally (Matt Dillon) being shot by the cops at the end. A gripping scene.

90. The Karate Kid: The final fight, crane kick and Daniel Son winning the tournament!

91. Seven Year Itch: Marylin Monroe = steam vent in the street. Need I say more?

92. The Mask: I wasn’t a big fun of this movie actually apart from the introduction of Cameron Diaz to the world. That entrance scene in the bank was an instant classic.

93. Grease: The final dance sequence “You’re the one that I want” and then John Travolta and Olivia Newton John flying off into the sky in his car.

94. Strange Days: The final scene as the year 2000 arrives and Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett hook up finally.

95. Thelma & Louise: That emotional ending as they drive off into the Grand Canyon.