96. Quadraphenia: The final cliff top scene when he drives the moped off the cliff to the welling background music of The Who’s “I’ve Had Enough/Love Reign Over me”.

97. Into The Wild: One of my all time favorite films. The apple scene was so quirky and original for me but the whole movie is a masterpiece in my eyes.

98. Major league: The “Wild Thing” scene with Charlie Sheen.

99. The Faculty: The scene where the kids walk through the school to the cover of “Another Brick in the Wall” and notice that everyone else has turned into aliens.

(no clip available) 😦

100. Desperado: The intro scene with Steve Buscemi telling the story while it flashes to Antonio Banderas in action.

101. Reservoir Dogs: The famous walk as the movie begins (I can’t believe I left this one out earlier).

102. Bonnie & Clyde: The brutal ending where Bonnie & Clyde are mowed down by the cops, which was the first time violence had ever been depicted like that on the big screen and became an iconic image of violence in films ever since.

103. The Full Monty: The first strip tease with Robert Carlyle was comic genius.

(no clip available) 😦

104. Good Morning Vietnam: The bittersweet ending where we see the horror of war while “What a Wonderful World” plays in the background.

105. Pretty in Pink: The Duckie dance scene.

106. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: The famous freeze frame ending where they charge out guns a blazing to the entire Bolivian Army.

107. Good Will Hunting: The bar scene with Ben Affleck and that preppy snob who gets gutted by Matt Damon’s brilliant monologue.

108. Groundhog Day: That hilarious scene when Bill Murray has been through everything so many times so he knows everything about everyone in the cafe.

109. The Blues Brothers: The scene when they perform “Everybody needs somebody to love”.

The “It’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses” speech from Dan Akroyd.

110. Zombieland: This is actually a great movie and had a particularly thrilling scene at the end when they take out hundreds of zombies to save the girls.

111. Donnie Darko: The whole movie is a total trip but the school scene while Tears for Fears “Head Over Heels” plays was by far the coolest and the cinematography is incredible.

112. Pans Labyrinth: Another film that is completely amazing, but the final sequence was very gripping and moving at the same time.

113. Where The Wild Things Are: The scene where Max is elected king and bellows “Let the wild Rumpus begin!”.

114. Back To The Future: The whole movie is dope (even 25 years later), but the ending was classic. “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need road!”

115. Stranger Than Fiction: That scene where Will Ferrel sings “Whole Wild World” surprisingly well and woos the girl was sweet!

116. Ghostbusters: The first call they get. “Receptionist: Ghostbusters, hello?…Yes, we’re serious”! The the gang suits up.

117. Rain Man: The whole casino scene and the iconic image of Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman going down the escalator all pimped out. Classic.

118. Heathers: The scene where Christian Slater blows up outside the school at the end.

119. The Hurt Locker: That whole sniper sequence was one of the most gripping and realistic scenes I have watched.

120. Millions: The final scene was really tender and moving and the song is incredible. A great little film from master movie director Danny Boyle.

😦 no clip available.