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Movie Review: The Switch

PG-13, Mirimax Films, 101 Minutes.

Directed by Josh Gordon, Will Speck. Cast: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Jeff Goldblum, Juliette Lewis, Patrick Wilson.

The Switch is not what it seems. The trailer makes it look like another romantic comedy. But truthfully this film is not that funny at all.  It’s more of an adult dramedy and overall is slow and has several plot faults. That said, there is still something here that makes it watchable.

The premise is a simple one: Wally (Jason Bateman) and Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) are platonic best friends. Worried about her age she announces that she is going to have a baby through a sperm donor. Wally objects as he has always secretly been in love with her, but he doesn’t have the courage to say it.  Patrick Wilson plays the sperm donor, who is a married man at the time of the donation.  At a party celebrating this occasion, Wally gets hammered and in a drunken haze, he switches his own sperm with the original. Kassie then gets a job out of state and moves away and neither of them really stay in touch much.

Cue 7 years later. Kassie moves back to New York with her 6 year old son Sebastian (played by the adorable Thomas Robinson) in tow, who just so happens to exhibit the same mannerisms as Wallie, because he is in fact his son. The sperm donor comes back into Kassie’s life too, who happens to no longer be married.

What happens next is quite predictable, but even so I found myself willing to continue watching and was even pleasantly moved by a few scenes.

This is ultimately Jason Bateman’s film, who offers a subtle and touching performance. The moments where he bonds with his son and how he handles his own insecurities are very real and something you can actually relate to. I have nothing against Jennifer Anistion (who I loved in Friends) , its just she keeps being typecast  in the same role, and i’ve grown tired of it.

The film is given an extra boost by supporting roles from Jeff Goldblum and Juliette Lewis (both brilliant and underrated actors in my opinion), as Wally’s and Kassie’s respective best friends, who have some of the films best lines.

If you want laughs then I don’t recommend The Switch, but if you DO want to see Jason Bateman in top form and watch a sweet and touching movie made for adults, then this is worth the trip to the cinema. 2/5 stars.


Review: The A-Team

PG-13 Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharpo Copley, Jessica Beil.

This is a remake of the hit TV show from the 1980s about a group of 4 american soldiers who are set up and wrongly charged for a crime that they did not commit. They escape from prison and form themselves into the “A team” for hire to solve any problem, at a price.

There is not really much of a plot to the film, the real fun is in the characters themselves and the outrageous action sequences which are almost non-stop.

Our heroes fight their way out of all kinds of scenarios while attempting to clear their name.  During the course of this, there are helicopter chases, a scene involving an army tank falling through the sky and plenty of large explosions.  You can almost see how much fun the director (Joe Carnahan who also directed Narc and Smoking Aces) is having behind the camera.

However, what really makes this a winner is the characters. Liam Neeson is perfectly cast as the rogue leader Hannibal. Bradley Cooper has all the cocky charm needed to take on Faceman. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is certainly no Mr T, but he still plays a convincing BA Baracus. The real scene stealer here is Sharpo Copley as Murdoch, (who was brilliant in his debut as an actor in District 9).  He plays his role with such gleeful abandon that you cannot help but laugh. There is a particular sequence involving Murdoch and blue paint that was comic genius. I wish there had been more scenes like that.

Jessical Beil does not do much in a supporting role as the love interest of Faceman, but still remains a sight for sore eyes on screen. Patrick Wilson is also effective as a crafty CIA agent who help break the A team out of prison and has a pivotal role in the films plot.

I don’t know if we’ll see a sequel coming, but this is pure popcorn entertainment and the reason we go out to the movies in the first place. The movie does not take itself seriously at all and thats the exact reason I had so much fun with it.  3/5 stars